Risk and threat diagnosis

Risk and threat diagnosis

We specialize in delivering network security solutions to safeguard your business from threats at both the network visibility and application attack levels. Our security portfolio ranges from perimeter protection to the detection and mitigation of potential breaches on your business network and Internet, ensuring the integrity of your intellectual property and the core function of your company.

We conduct penetration testing to effectively assess the security weaknesses of your IT infrastructure. We aim to detect, log, and report any corrective action needed to ensure your network is optimally protected. We recommend scheduling penetration tests periodically to maintain the ongoing security of your network.

Additionally, we carry out vulnerability assessments to identify potential weak points in your system, such as missing patches, open attack vectors, and entry points. We recommend regular vulnerability assessments to ensure a secure environment. After each assessment, we analyze the results and provide a detailed report including risks, threats, and any identified issues. We also offer corrective action recommendations to strengthen your network security.

At HK GS, we handle risk and threat diagnostics, considering both internal and external sources. Our goal is to identify any potential risk, such as the introduction of USB devices undetected for viruses into your business environment. From this analysis, we provide a detailed report to the business, along with a recommended strategy, corrective actions, and execution timelines for decision-making. Additionally, we can provide advice on how to enhance security oversight and system policies to help meet your business objectives.

At HK GS, we generate a detailed report for your business that will give you a better understanding of your network’s performance, as well as the present risks and threats. This report will allow you to maximize the use of your IT infrastructure.